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Healthy Campus Alberta (HCA) is a community of practice whose vision is to educate, collaborate and advocate to transform culture and create caring campus communities throughout the province of Alberta.

Our mission is to create an inclusive, collaborative, and community-integrated approach to mental health and wellness on post-secondary campuses.

Members of this growing community include students, faculty and staff, campus wellness professionals, community organizations, and the Government of Alberta.

In the last 12 months…


Three Percent

of students have attempted suicide


Fifty Percent

of students felt so depressed it was difficult to function


Ninety Percent

of students have felt overwhelmed by all they had to do

Taken from the results of the 2019 National College Health Assessment (NCHA).
Click here to read more about the NCHA Spring 2019 Press Release and Executive Summary.

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HCA 2023-2024 Regional Gatherings – Calgary


HCA 2023-2024 Regional Gatherings – Calgary

Regional Gatherings are a combination of a Community of Practice Meeting and a Campus Visit. These gatherings will provide an opportunity to learn about HCA, impact future priorities of HCA, and connect for meaningful conversation with a diverse group of stakeholders in campus mental health.   Regional Gathering Purpose To…


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Are you a student who is passionate about post-secondary mental health? Join the HCA Design Team!


Are you a student who is passionate about post-secondary mental health? Join the HCA Design Team!

Are you passionate about post-secondary mental health? Are you a student leader looking for opportunities to:  meet others who are passionate about campus mental health?  collaborate with students and staff on post-secondary campuses across the province?  make an impact on the mental health of your campus community?  actively shape post-secondary mental health across Alberta? …

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HCA 2022-2023 Community Impact Survey


HCA 2022-2023 Community Impact Survey

Your voice is key in shaping the future of the Healthy Campus Alberta community of practice! The Community Impact Survey is an opportunity for you to contribute to the collective voice in developing and guiding the direction of the CoP’s work.  Responses from this survey help to ensure that HCA…

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