Who We Are

Healthy Campus Alberta (HCA) is a community of practice made up of committed individuals and organizations who have a shared mission to create an inclusive, collaborative, and community-integrated approach to mental health and wellness on campuses. Members of this growing community include (but are not limited to): students, faculty and staff, campus wellness professionals, administration, community organizations, the Government of Alberta, and a few partners from across Canada. Healthy Campus Alberta is a valuable resource and network for anyone working on campus or in mental health, as we offer many activities to allow for varied levels of participation. Ways to be involved in the HCA community include attending webinars and summits, joining the dialogue through our Community Hub, taking part in training opportunities, arranging a campus visit, and attending in-person meetings to share and learn with others. To get started and be a part of this supportive community of practice, sign up for our newsletter, join the online community, or contact us today. We’re always happy to chat!

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HCA Letter of Introduction

Your Current HCA Team

Melodie Esau, Operations Coordinator

Melodie has been with Healthy Campus Alberta since 2018 and is responsible for systems and project management. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Not sure who to contact? For General Inquiries, fill out our contact form here.

Student Staff

Makayla Freeman, Project Assistant

Makayla worked with HCA in 2018 as the Student Communications Assistant and has rejoined the team as the Project Assistant. She is working on a few projects, including website updates and student staff orientation, and is a Bachelor of Arts student studying Psychology at the University of Calgary.

One of HCA’s values is creating a platform for the student voice as an equal stakeholder in the community of practice. Thus, we have rotating student positions on the HCA staff team and have had the pleasure of working with the following students. Each of them has contributed something unique to the HCA team throughout their time with us.

Dalia Grobovaite, Student Communications Assistant, 2018/19

Teresa Chen, Student Evaluations Assistant, 2018/19

Art Assoiants, Program Evaluator, 2018

Our Partners