In-Person Opportunities

As a Community of Practice, we gather throughout the year at various in-person opportunities, the largest of which is the annual summit. The summit is a great place to celebrate the amazing work that is going on across the province, be inspired, and connect in community with like-minded people who are passionate about post-secondary mental health and addiction. For more information, explore the community reports from previous summits below. We also invite you to explore the calendar for upcoming HCA opportunities and other events we thought might be of interest to the community.

Upcoming Event: Our next community of practice event will be the HCA 2021 Virtual Wellness Summit in June, 2021. Details to come. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the website for updates or subscribe to our newsletter to receive our community announcements.

Upcoming Events


HCA 2021 Wellness Summit

We are excited to announce that the Healthy Campus Alberta 2021 Wellness Summit will take place the week of June 14th-18th,… Read more »

HCA 2020 Wellness Summit

The HCA 2020 Wellness Summit took place on June 23, 2020 in an online format, with Pre-Summit Webinars on June 16 and June 18, 2020. Thank you to all who joined us for this experience in learning and collaboration. 

This summit’s theme, Moving Upstream, sought to highlight the preventative and health-promoting actions we can take to address the root causes and social determinants that influence mental health. By building caring campus environments, supportive relationships, and personal skills, upstream approaches to mental health can enhance our community’s ability to flourish during times of uncertainty and change.


The Summit began with Pre-Summit Webinar #1: Upstream 101, presented by Dr. Fabiola Aparicio. We learned about the social determinants of health and what it means to move upstream in mental health promotion and prevention on postsecondary campuses. Click here to learn more or view the slides from this webinar.

Pre-Summit Webinar #2: “Moving Upstream in Challenging Landscapes” was an interactive webinar facilitated by Carla Kembel from Alberta Health Services. Carla helped us understand some challenges we might experience and encouraged us to draw upon our community’s collective capacity to swim upstream. Click here to learn more and to read the summary notes from our discussion.

Our shared learning at the HCA 2020 Wellness Summit resulted in exciting collaboration and ideas. We’ve summarized them in the word cloud you can see below.

Community Invitation: HCA 2020 Wellness Summit

Agenda: HCA 2020 Wellness Summit

Event Program: HCA 2020 Wellness Summit

Event Summary and Resources: HCA 2020 Wellness Summit

Community Report: HCA 2020 Wellness Summit

HCA 2019 Community of Practice Meeting

The 2019 Healthy Campus Alberta Community of Practice Meeting was held on November 5th at Red Deer College. The meeting was attended by 38 participants from 15 Alberta campuses and 3 community organizations. It was a great opportunity to connect, experience the exchange of ideas and gather input to inform the direction of HCA.

Our table discussions left us with some great ideas to consider and some concrete action steps. Open the community report to view the next steps that were decided by the group.

Community Report: HCA 2019 Community of Practice Meeting

Community Invitation and Agenda

HCA 2019 Reception

On June 17, 2019, Healthy Campus Alberta held its first-ever reception. The evening was an opportunity for Alberta’s post-secondary mental health and wellness community of practice to gather and celebrate. Held at the Bow Valley College, we had representation from 6 community organizations and 13 campuses! Attendees were from 5 different provinces.

Community Report: HCA 2019 Reception

Community Invitation: HCA 2019 Reception

Agenda: HCA 2019 Reception

Event Program: HCA 2019 Reception

HCA 2018 Connections Summit

Organized by an advisory committee of stakeholders from across the province, the HCA Connections Summit gathered Alberta’s post-secondary mental health and wellness community of practice. The event was themed “Connections”, celebrating campus approaches, the student voice, as well as exploring dimensions of wellness and providing opportunities for collaboration. Held on November 8, 2018 at the University of Alberta, the summit had 128 attendees with representation from 23 campuses and 11 community organizations.

Community Report: HCA 2018 Connections Summit

Agenda: HCA 2018 Connections Summit

Community Invitation: HCA 2018 Connections Summit

HCA 2018 Wellness Summit

The Healthy Campus Alberta Wellness Summit is a flagship annual gathering for Alberta’s post-secondary mental health and wellness community of practice. Held on June 11-12, 2018 at the University of Calgary, we had representation from 46 organizations and 25 campuses! The theme of this year’s Wellness Summit was Transitions, and we were privileged to have Beverly Wenger-Trayner join us to understand how we can make the most of our opportunities.

HCA 2017 Wellness Summit

The 3rd annual Healthy Campus Alberta Health and Wellness Summit was held on June 20 and hosted at the University of Calgary. The summit had 193 attendees including students, faculty, staff, administrators, government and community partners. The theme of Resilience was based on significant interest from the Community of Practice, who are ready to take action.

Community Report: HCA 2017 Wellness Summit

Summary Brief: HCA 2017 Wellness Summit

Program: HCA 2017 Wellness Summit

Agenda: HCA 2017 Wellness Summit

Community Invitation: HCA 2017 Wellness Summit

HCA Community Meeting Summary Brief (January 31, 2017)

January 31, 2017 in Edmonton was our annual Healthy Campus Alberta meeting. We were excited to have 23 members from 11 campuses, community and student groups present to collaborate together in moving our community forward. The weather was exceptionally challenging, so a huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend. We were also glad that everyone arrived in Edmonton and then made it home safely after the meeting.

Summary of Community of Practice (CoP) Meeting


Participants were asked to consider a variety of questions related to emerging topics on campus, as well as the operations of the CoP; the following information emerged out of table discussions


  • Increased membership and grow connections
  • North and South provincial campus presence
  • Cooperate with Student Unions and Student Associations
  • Platform development for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and webinars
  • Have representatives identify why sustainability is of value to their campus
  • Use practicum programs for students to learn and participate
  • Increase social media presence
  • Sign on with commitment
  • Showcase different campus’ success
  • Awareness, involvement and buy-in are needed

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