HCA 2022-2023 Regional Gatherings

We are excited to announce three Regional Gatherings for this academic year. A combination of a Community of Practice Meeting and a Campus Visit, these gatherings will provide an opportunity to learn about HCA, impact future priorities of HCA, and connect for meaningful conversation with a diverse group of stakeholders in campus mental health.

What is the purpose of a Regional Gathering?

  • To increase understanding of who HCA is and what we do
  • To provide an opportunity for impact on the work of HCA and gauge resonance with the community of practice
  • To curate opportunities for a diverse group of stakeholders to have meaningful conversation about student mental health

What will happen at a Regional Gathering?

All three Regional Gatherings will include the following activities:  

Get To Know You Activity  
Participate in a series of introductory activities to build relationships with other members of the Healthy Campus Alberta community. 

Collaboration Activity 
Learn how campuses have addressed student needs, share ongoing campus initiatives, and collaborate with others in a problem-solving workshop activity. 

Share & Celebrate Activity 
Conclude the day by celebrating what we have collectively learned. 

Refreshments and lunch will be served at the Edmonton and Calgary in-person Regional Gatherings. Breaks will be incorporated into the schedule for all events.

When are the Regional Gatherings?

For more details use the links above to visit the individual event pages.

When will registration open?

Watch the HCA newsletter and website for registration announcements.

How much will it cost?

This event is free. If you are unable to attend or want to transfer your ticket, please contact us at [email protected].

Who is invited?

Students, staff, faculty, administrators on Alberta post-secondary campuses and community organizations working in post-secondary mental health.

Do I need to attend all three events?

Activities for all three events are the same. We encourage you to attend the event that is most convenient for you.