Stage Six

Stage Six – Integration with Routine Operation

Innovation involves the design, testing and refinement of new products and services. Innovation is distinct from routine operations. Innovation is a process of exploration, experimentation and learning. Operations emphasize consistency and routine delivery of services. The emphasis is on efficiency and effectiveness. Organizational routines and systems tend to support existing operations. Introducing new initiatives requires effort, attention and focus.

The focus of Stage Six is to develop and implement Transition strategy for integrating into existing program delivery and policy ecosystems in multiple campuses, student associations and community agencies.

Stage Six ends with a Learning session, that assesses the group’s process, trust and group cohesion as well as any Assessment of Progress and Outcomes/Value to provide information to all organizations for their Go/NoGo decision to continue participating. The early Terrain maps can be updated with additional details learned along the process. Adaptations can be made within collaborating members’ operations to improve future collaborations. The funder may also have a Go/NoGo decision depending on the agreements made.

The difference in detail in Terrain and Systems Maps from Stage One to Stage Six can be one indicator of the depth of the collaborative’s learning.