Collaboration Model Visualized

Complex Collaboration Model Visualized

The Complex Collaboration Model on which this toolkit is visualized as a value chain diagram with three main sections:

    • Outcomes
    • Actioning
    • Operationalizing

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The visual model is presented in a linear fashion to illustrate the stages and elements. In practice the process is more complex, less linear and much more iterative and cyclical. The “map is not the territory” and the journey of implementation and operation has many iterations and feedback loops. Different elements require different investments of time and energy.

The elements are interdependent. They must be woven together as the collaboration grows and evolves. The process is a learning experience among all participants and can be confusing, especially when the objective is a disruptive innovation. The visual may help in communication, to provide a visual reference on the stage the process is at.

The following sections provide an overview of the stages and each of the auctioning and operationalizing elements. References and links are provided as sources for more information.