Student Led Toolkit Overview

Using the ACMHI Toolkit

This toolkit was developed for student leaders in post secondary institutions who are planning and implementing student mental health initiatives on their campus. The toolkit is one of the products of ACMHI (Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation).  ACMHI was an initiative carried out by Alberta Students Executive Council, a student association membership organization in Alberta, with 4 years of funding from Government of Alberta – Ministries of Health and Advanced Education.

Others who are planning and delivering post secondary mental health initiatives may also find the toolkit useful for their purposes, including those aimed at students as well as faculty and staff, or those aspiring to take their institution to a new level of mentally healthy campus. It will be particularly useful to understand the roles and contributions that students, student leaders and student associations can make in advancing the impact of mentally healthy campuses.

You can access the various sections of the toolkit in any order.  If you are a Student Leader who’s just starting your term, you might like to look at the various activities you’ll want to do at each stage of your Student Leader Term Cycle.  Or you can start with the Background and Framing section if you like, or dive right into one of the Legacy Tools that were built out of the ACMHI students’ experiences – the Tools Overview page gives an overall description and links to each of the Legacy Tools.  One of the tools, the Student Journey Map is one that many people have found useful if they wish to move their mentally healthy campus more in the direction of a student-centred design.