Student Profiles

Student Profiles – Starter Set

There is a wide diversity of student characteristics that influence the design of strategies, whether those are positive mental health- or illness-oriented strategies. Vignettes are quick ways to illustrate student diversity. Although they do not benefit from the deeper research required for personae, they can be helpful to ‘road test’ prototype services, to assure that the design is not limited to the developers’ experience base.

These are a starter set of six  student profiles to illustrate some of the diversity. As the work to operationalize the Provincial Post-secondary Student Strategy proceeds, additional profiles will need to be developed to provide at least a basic level of understanding this diversity and those can be added as they are developed. The Profile Tool (PDF) may be useful in developing additional profiles.

These profiles are intended to be used as complements to the Student mental health journey scenarios and the Student Academic Journey Map

Viewing the Academic Journey Map through the lens of each scenario or profile will help give a deeper understanding of how each section of the academic journey plays out for particular types of student – and that can be used to adjust the design of an initiative, the timing, or the location.