Student Led Initiatives Toolkit

The Student Initiatives Toolkit recognizes that student leaders are in a unique and essential position to work with their peers in generating strategies and activities to address mental wellness on campus. A mentally healthy campus requires full engagement from students, students leaders, and their partners. This toolkit examines the student journey, provides an evaluation and learning framework, and shows a model for assessing mentally healthy campus maturity. It is aimed at student leaders, administrators, and community partners.

Complex Collaboration Toolkit

This Complex Collaboration toolkit and model has been developed as a support to Regional Hubs in Alberta’s post-secondary mental health strategy. Examples and language in the toolkit are aimed at this application, but the fundamental approach is one that could be adapted to any multi-organization collaboration.

Holistic Strategies Toolkit

This toolkit, and the individual tools within it, can be used to support those who wish to ground their activities in the student’s experience, and to use purposeful, theory-based approaches for designing and implementing health promoting and health-enabling environments strategies. These tools include an overall framework that embraces the infinite variations in students’ experiences and worldviews, as well as the myriad professional fields that are involved in student mental health and mentally healthy campuses. The toolkit also includes tools for assessing situations, and for road-testing strategy ideas or prototypes.

Legacies of Learning Toolkits

This section of the website provides a variety of Tools and toolkits to support you in helping to grow mentally healthy campuses – either in your post-secondary institution or in multiple institutions across the sector.  The tools are intended for use by student health programs, post-secondary institution administrators, student associations,  community agencies, health professional or others engaged in improving mental health and health-enabling environments, and improving access to treatment, prevention and early intervention services for addictions, mental illnesses or other mental disorders.

These Tools have been developed in the course of initiatives or projects – they are Legacies of the Learning from those initiatives. We hope this set of tools will grow as we take on new challenges and learn from them.

The initial set are legacies of the two phases of Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation, funded by Government of Alberta – the first phase by Alberta Health, the second by Advanced Education. They were developed collaboratively with people and organizations who are members of Healthy Campus Alberta,  and licensed for common use under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International License.