Alcohol Harm Reduction within Campus Community Health Promotion (PEP-AH Western Regional Webinar Series 2021, Webinar 1)

Hosted by Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses

Efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm in the campus context are most fittingly situated within health promotion-oriented initiatives to nurture community, increase literacy and attend to settings. While unpacking this thesis for reflection and dialogically exploring its practical application, the session will formally introduce a new HM|HC resource: Harm reduction: a guide for campus communities.

Contributors to include:
Dr. Tim Dyck, Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, HM|HC Support Team Co-Lead

This webinar series is a collaboration between Postsecondary Education Partnership – Alcohol Harms (PEP-AH), Healthy Campus Alberta, Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses, and Healthy Campus Saskatchewan

This is webinar 1 of 3 in the PEP-AH Western Regional Webinar Series 2021. To view the other webinars in this series, click here.