Introducing Togetherall: A free, online peer-to-peer community and resource hub fostering positive wellbeing in Alberta

With many front-line educators, parents and students in Alberta feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what’s in store for the New Year, Healthy Campus Alberta, in partnership with Togetherall, wants to ensure everyone has a little extra support during these trying times. Togetherall offers ALL Albertans aged 16yrs+ a safe, online peer-to-peer mental health community where members can anonymously seek and provide support 24/7. The community is clinically moderated to ensure members remain safe and feel supported, and it is a place for individuals to share their struggles and triumphs with others that have similar lived experiences. Members also have access to additional self-assessments, self-guided courses and other recommended resources to help foster positive mental health and wellbeing. Best of all, Togetherall is a Government funded resource and so is FREE!

Join this live webinar for a guided demo of the Togetherall platform to ensure you have what you need in order to access the resources yourself, and confidently educate and refer others. The session will include an overview of Togetherall, how their services work, and how the tools can be used to complement existing care pathways, with time for open Q&A. In advance of the session, please take a look at the Togetherall resources and register here using your Alberta postal code to experience Togetherall first hand.