Togetherall: Integrated peer support for Alberta students coming this Fall

Since launching in the Province in October 2020, more than 11,200 Albertans have joined Togetherall’s online, clinically moderated peer-to-peer mental health community and 89% have reported an improvement in their wellbeing. Of this growing Alberta member base, 17% identify as students. Togetherall is now enhancing its offerings to better support this population and better integrate with existing campus resources. Funded by the Alberta Government and in partnership with Alberta Health Services, this post-secondary institution integration project is in collaboration with Health Campus Alberta and Alberta 211. To learn more, register for this upcoming webinar or reach out to the Togetherall team directly at [email protected]

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn more about how Togetherall is supporting Albertans at large as well as diverse and vulnerable populations
  • Understand how Togetherall plans to further integrate with and support post secondary institutions
  • Receive updated marketing materials to help promote Togetherall to students and key campus referrers this Fall

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