Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

From the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health

“The Campus Equity Toolkit is a guide to supporting students prepared by the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario.

This guide is part of a province wide effort to enhance equity, by promoting positive mental health and well-being at postsecondary institutions. It has been reviewed and informed by diverse perspectives, including members of the Aboriginal Reference Group (Council of Ontario Universities) and Indigenous Peoples Education Circle (Colleges Ontario).

Target Users

This guide targets student leaders, front-line staff, faculty members, and program leaders who directly interact with students as a part of their roles and responsibilities, in addition to policy makers and strategic planners, who indirectly influence the experiences of students. Readers are encouraged to use this guide to consider the accessibility of resources and how choice can be expanded to support student retention and success.


This toolkit aims to take a meaningful approach in offering guidance on how to support students from all walks of life, whether in need of mental health and addictions supports or not, and the suggestions provided are meant to enhance campus experiences for students in the long term.”

Excerpt from pg. 3 of the handbook