HCA Design Team Statements of Understanding

Vision: To educate, collaborate and advocate to transform culture and create caring campus communities throughout the province of Alberta.

Mission: The Healthy Campus Alberta Community strives to create an inclusive, collaborative, and integrated approach to mental health and wellness.


The purpose of the Healthy Campus Alberta Design Team is to

  • maintain the relevance of Healthy Campus Alberta in a dynamic and changing post-secondary environment and,
  • to reflect the values and culture of caring campus communities.
  • to ensure appropriate spaces are maintained in which all HCA members from all stakeholder groups have a voice and are equitably represented


The role of the Healthy Campus Design Team is to

  • provide guidance to HCA staff on implementing the mission and vision defined by the community of practice,
  • regularly communicate our knowledge, wisdom, and skills in a connective and innovative manner
  • continually reflect on whose voice needs to be at the table


The Healthy Campus Design Team is responsible for

  • synthesizing incoming/outgoing knowledge related to post-secondary mental health from/to each owns larger network,
  • sharing/receiving information from other members of the design team and
  • maintaining engagement in a participatory manner in design team meetings.


Updated March 14, 2019