HCA Community Meeting Summary Brief

“January 31, 2017 in Edmonton was our annual Healthy Campus Alberta meeting. We were excited to have 23 members from 11 campuses, community and student groups present to collaborate together in moving our community forward. The weather was exceptionally challenging, so a huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend. We were also glad that everyone arrived in Edmonton and then made it home safely after the meeting.

Summary of Community of Practice (CoP) Meeting


Participants were asked to consider a variety of questions related to emerging topics on campus, as well as the operations of the CoP; the following information emerged out of table discussions


  • Increased membership and grow connections
  • North and South provincial campus presence
  • Cooperate with Student Unions and Student Associations
  • Platform development for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and webinars
  • Have representatives identify why sustainability is of value to their campus
  • Use practicum programs for students to learn and participate
  • Increase social media presence
  • Sign on with commitment
  • Showcase different campus’ success
  • Awareness, involvement and buy-in are needed”

Excerpt from pg. 1 of the summary