Creating a Successful Transition to Your First Semester of Virtual Post-Secondary Learning Webinar #2

Hosted by CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg. 

This webinar was the second in a series. To view the first webinar, click here. Unfortunately, there is no recording currently available.

“March 2020 will be in our history textbooks as the month and year a global pandemic put a pause on in classroom education. Graduates of 2020 will be known for their tenacity in adapting to unprecedented change in order to meet the requirements for graduation! Way to go graduates!

Transitioning to Post-Secondary outside a global pandemic can be daunting and full of stress– so as we re-think how students make their way to campuses across the country this fall – there’s no greater opportunity than now to begin making plans to roll out a successful transition to post-secondary.

Through a webinar format, students will have the opportunity to join the Youth Mental Health Promotion team on two occasions. In this second webinar, students will come away with some additional knowledge on:

• the importance of engaging in Student Services support – navigating resources that students have access to
• supporting their mental health when stress is the reality
• how to begin thinking of what an action plan would look like in the first few steps before the fall semester begins

To join this session you will need access to the internet or a phone. We look forward to connecting with you!”

Course date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Time: 1:00 to 2:30 (CST)
Location: Via online using the MS Teams app
Facilitators: Stephen Sutherland, Taylor Demetrioff, and Baily Hendry