The Sober Paradox: Exploring the Role of Alcohol in our Culture, our Campuses, and our Lives (PEP-AH Western Regional Webinar Series 2021, Webinar 3)

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The main event opens on May 12, 2021. Registration will close on May 12, 2021.

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Hosted by Healthy Campus Alberta

May 12, 2021, 11:30am – 1:00pm MT/CT (10:30am – 12:00pm PT)

The aim of this presentation is to critically question and dialogue around the role alcohol plays in our society, our campuses, and our everyday lives. 

Part 1: Dr. Victoria F. Burns (Assistant Professor, UCalgary) will introduce the concepts of alcohol culture and the sober paradox. Drawing on her own lived experience in long-term recovery, she will explore the unique tensions, opportunities, and paradoxes of disclosing a non-drinking identity in an academic context. Her presentation will conclude with recommendations to reduce alcohol harms, combat stigma, and promote inclusion for students, staff, and faculty who are struggling with alcohol use. 

Part 2: Lexi Knight (BSW student, UCalgary) will share her experience as a student in early recovery. She will discuss how campus alcohol culture affected her relationship with alcohol and how the normalization of harmful drinking reinforced her denial and ultimately prevented her from seeking help.   

Part 3: Z’Anne Harvey-Jansen (AHS) will introduce participants to her work with AHS on preventing alcohol harms on campus and in the community. She will discuss shifting trends in alcohol use, and the importance of considering the role of culture and industry in promoting health in wellness with regards to alcohol use.  

Opportunities for sharing and discussion will be woven throughout the presentation.  


  • Dr. Victoria Burns, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary 

  • Z’Anne Harvey-Jansen, MSc, Health Promotion Facilitator, Alberta Health Services 

  • Lexi Knight, BSW Student, University of Calgary

This webinar series is a collaboration between Postsecondary Education Partnership – Alcohol Harms (PEP-AH), Healthy Campus Alberta, Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses, and Healthy Campus Saskatchewan

This is webinar 3 of 3 in the PEP-AH Western Regional Webinar Series 2021. To view the other webinars in this series, click here.

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