HCA 2020 Wellness Summit: Moving Upstream

  • HCA 2020 Virtual Wellness Summit
    June 23, 2020
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The HCA 2020 Wellness Summit took place on June 23, 2020 in an online format, with Pre-Summit Webinars on June 16 and June 18, 2020. Thank you to all who joined us for this experience in learning and collaboration. 

View the HCA 2020 Wellness Summit Community Report

Our shared learning at the HCA 2020 Wellness Summit resulted in exciting collaboration and ideas. We’ve summarized them in the word cloud you can see below. You can watch the keynote presentation, read summary notes from our discussions, and explore the resources that were highlighted throughout the day by clicking here.

View the agenda here and the complete program here. 

Interested in diving deeper into the concept of upstream? Watch the recordings from the Pre-Summit Webinars:

Pre-Summit Webinar #1: Upstream 101

Pre-Summit Webinar #2: Upstream Thinking in Challenging Landscapes

The Wellness Summit is an annual event for the HCA Community of Practice to gather to learn, share, and celebrate the work being done across the province to strengthen post-secondary mental health and wellness. This year’s theme, Moving Upstream, seeks to highlight the preventative and health-promoting actions we can take to address the root causes and social determinants that influence mental health. By building caring campus environments, supportive relationships, and personal skills, upstream approaches to mental health can enhance our community’s ability to flourish during times of uncertainty and change.

This year, our programming at the Summit will be structured around six areas of focus. We encourage you to use these focus areas to guide your Summit experience, including the learnings and relationships you hope to foster, and the experiences and perspectives you hope to share.

  1. Creating a Campus-Wide Strategy: How can post-secondary campuses advocate for and strengthen health at the institutional level?
  2. Centering Wellness in Teaching and Learning: How can program and curricular strategies promote positive mental health in the classroom?
  3. Strengthening Personal Skills, Relationships, and Resilience: How can wellness programs build individual skills in coping, self-esteem, and resilience?
  4. Building Supportive Campus Communities: How can post-secondary institutions build campus communities that reduce stigma and foster a sense of connection and belonging?
  5. Collaborating with Health Services: How can we partner with health services to best meet the mental health needs of post-secondary students, staff, and faculty?
  6. Engaging the Student Voice: How can student-led initiatives, involving post-secondary students in inception, planning, and/or delivery, champion positive mental health in their campus communities?

In light of the current circumstances, this year’s Wellness Summit will be moving to an online format that is free to attend. In the process of reconfiguring this event, we are committed to building rich learning opportunities that foster connection, invite engagement, and create unique opportunities for our community to co-create an understanding of “upstream”. We are excited for you to join us for an engaging day of learning and co-creation as we gather to share, inspire, and celebrate around the shift to upstream in post-secondary mental health and wellness!




Alberta, Canada


This event will be hosted on an online platform. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to join us before the event.