CACUSS Campus Mental Health In Times of COVID-19 Pandemic: Data-Informed Challenges & Opportunities

From the CACUSS Campus Mental Health CoP

We are delighted to share with you the findings presented today in the report, Campus Mental Health in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic: Data-Informed Challenges & Opportunities.

The report includes student perspective, voices of a representative sample of mental health professionals and administrators across Canada, as well as key insights from emerging research. Towards the end of this report, we have consolidated these perspectives to offer pragmatic ideas, suggestions and recommendations to leave our readers with ideas to shape mental health services according to the evolving circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic. The report includes a number of appendices which offer:

18 Potential Solutions to COVID-19 related Mental Health Challenges (pages 30-37)
25 Recommendations and 7 Ethical Guidelines (pages 39-43-57)
55 Key insights from 27 most relevant peer reviewed published studies on COVID-19 and Campus Mental Health (pages 48-57)
14 Measures listed to assess Psychological Impact of COVID-19 (page 56-57)
30 Weblinks listing COVID-19 related resources; 15 free apps & 15 web platforms (pages 61-63)

The report is available at the Campus Mental Health CoP page.

With gratitude,
Tayyab and Lina
Campus Mental Health, Community of Practice