Current Design Team Members

Last updated: April 17, 2020

Below is a list of the current Healthy Campus Alberta Design Team members. For more information about the role of design team members, explore the Statements of Understanding and the Terms of Reference.


Andrew Szeto, Director, Mental Health Strategy / Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary

Carla Kembel, Health Promotion Facilitator, Mental Health Promotion & Illness Prevention Team, Alberta Health Services

David Grauwiler, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association – Alberta Division

Debbie Bruckner, Senior Director, Student Wellness, Access & Support, University of Calgary

Emmanauel Barker, Advocacy, Alberta Student’s Executive Council

Jennifer Bon Bernard, Student, Alberta Provincial Advocacy Council

Jessica Turowski, Project Manager, Canadian Mental Health Association – Alberta Division

Jon Mastel, Executive Director, Council of Alberta University Students

Kevin Friese, Assistant Dean of Students, Health & Wellness, University of Alberta

Michele Moon, Team Lead, WellBeing and WorkLife, University of Calgary

Melodie Esau, Operations Coordinator, Healthy Campus Alberta

Rachelle McGrath, Director, Wellness Services, Mount Royal University

Z’Anne Harvey-Jansen, Program Consultant, Addiction Prevention, Alberta Health Services


If you have any questions about the Design Team, please feel free to contact us.