Complex Collaboration Model Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed as a support to Regional Hubs, which have been mandated as a part of the Alberta Provincial Strategy for post-secondary student mental health. The fundamental approach to complex collaboration is one that could be adapted to any multi-organization collaboration. The toolkit is founded on the assumption that a Hub can be a point of connection among individuals, teams or organizations with complementary skills and resources willing to collaborate on a common objective. However, creating a shared approach for mutual gain is not an easy task. This Model has been developed to provide some insights and approaches that weave together a variety of processes and theories to enhance the effectiveness, productivity and efficient operation of these complex collaborations.

This toolkit is hosted by Healthy Campus Alberta, a provincial community of practice committed to cultivating caring campus communities in Alberta. Originally developed by Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation (an initiative carried out by the Alberta Students Executive Council), the tools and toolkits are learning-focused, living documents that serve to support our community of practice.

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