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Explore the resources below to find community reports from HCA events and meetings, foundation documents for our community of practice, and information on how to order HCA materials.

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Supporting Mental Health through a Peer-to-peer Community: A Cornerstone of DEI

Hosted by Togetherall.  “Join us for an informative webinar to learn how discussion leaders in student mental health tackle the challenges of reaching diverse student populations, who typically don’t utilize traditional counselling service. Learn how incorporating an anonymous online peer-to-peer mental health platform, monitored 24/7 by licensed and registered mental...

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Foundational Documents
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HCA 2017 Wellness Summit Community Report

“June 20, 2017 represented a rich opportunity to connect with like-minded people across the province committed to the vision of “creating caring campus communities across the province of Alberta”.  The summit topic was Building Resilient Campus Communities. Healthy Campus Alberta is a community of practice drawn together by a common passion for health...


Healthy Campus Alberta Materials

Are you a representative from a post-secondary campus? Was your campus a recipient of the HCA materials in 2018 and you’ve run out of connect cards? Or perhaps you’re just connecting now and never received them? We have a gift for you! We have a package with some Healthy Campus...


Alberta Mental Health Framework

Introduction “The Alberta Post-Secondary Mental Health and Addiction Framework outlines key concepts, considerations and action strategies for addressing student mental health and addiction problems in post-secondary institutions. It is a collaborative document representing the perspectives of many stakeholders across the province. The goal of the framework is to provide comprehensive,...