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Definition The first frame is what do we actually mean when we say ‘post-secondary students’ positive mental health and health-enabling... Read more »


Common Mindset

Developing a Common Mindset Among Collaborators Each person’s mental health journey is personal and unique. The infinite variability of students’... Read more »


Toolkit Contents

Toolkit Contents This Mental Health-promoting and Health-enabling environment toolkit includes holistic strategies for: Part 1 – Common Frames What do... Read more »


Building Cohesion

Building relationships and trust, Group cohesion, Deepening understanding of each other and the collaborative terrain The dynamic process designer needs... Read more »



Assessing Progress and Impact / Value The purpose of the Regional Hub’s efforts is to create Outcomes, Impact and Value... Read more »



Linking up, down and sideways in collaborating organizations, sectors Collaboration involves establishing and leveraging relationships and communication between the different... Read more »