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Linking up, down and sideways in collaborating organizations, sectors Collaboration involves establishing and leveraging relationships and communication between the different... Read more »


Process Design

Dynamic Process Design In a complex collaboration, the Secretariat needs capabilities to support the group’s decision making using dynamic process... Read more »


Action Logic

Action Logic / Mental Models Whatever the degree of collaboration, the Complex Collaboration Model is based on a mindset and... Read more »



Operationalizing the Collaboration Stages The ways in which a complex collaboration action steps are operationalized are shown as horizontal bars... Read more »


Stage Seven

Stage Seven – Ongoing routine operating / adapting Stage Seven involves operational activities associated with routine operations. It is still... Read more »


Stage Six

Stage Six – Integration with Routine Operation Innovation involves the design, testing and refinement of new products and services. Innovation... Read more »


Stage Five

Stage Five – Pilot Testing for Context The prototyping will be complete when you have enough detail to properly design... Read more »


Stage Four

Stage Four – Concept Design for Pilots The tasks at this stage are: Develop the design for the collaborative project... Read more »